Southeast Michigan Goes Solar!

The Southeast Michigan Regional Energy Office recently launched its Southeast Michigan Goes Solar initiative, designed to give regional homeowners easy, simple, Read more…

Protecting Municipal Energy Efficiency

In the wake of our tremendous success advocating for LED streetlight rates that reward energy efficiency investments, SEMREO is launching Read more…

MPSC Rate Case Victory!

On Tuesday, January 31st 2017, SEMREO’s Michigan Street Lighting Coalition (MSLC) won a long-fought battle on DTE Electric rate case Read more…

SEMREO Alum Appointed Sustainability Director

SEMREO would like to congratulate Joel Howrani Heeres, our former Managing Director, on his appointment as the Director of Sustainability Read more…

Funding Municipal Energy Projects

The Southeast Michigan Regional Energy Office recently collaborated with the Michigan Community Energy Partnership (including EcoWorks Detroit, SEEDS, and Michigan Read more…

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A Unique Collaboration

The Southeast Michigan Regional Energy Office was the first of its kind in the country—an opportunity for cities to share resources and expertise to help each other save energy.

The Regional Energy Office has grown from 5 founding cities to 26 participating communities with a total population of over 1.8 million.

We believe that broader collaboration brings better results, so we encourage your community to join us.

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Can energy efficiency help your bond rating?

We help cities reduce their energy costs, which is good for their bottom line. Now, bond rating agencies are taking notice. Huntington Woods Finance Director Tony Lehmann explains.

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