Project Implementation

Energy Guide for Local Governments

The EPA has released a great guide for local governments interested in Energy Efficiency. This document covers not only an overview of good projects for reducing energy use and greenhouse gas production, but it also includes strategies for successfully implementing a program and paying for it. Note that this guide is part of a series Read more…

How to Evaluate Buildings

How to Evaluate Individual Buildings

Energy audits assess how much energy a building consumes and determine opportunities for improving efficiency. This guide by the U.S. Department of Energy describes the value of an energy audit, how to select energy audit and review teams, and an introduction to identifying potential areas of improvement. Click Here to download the document in pdf Read more…

How to Collect Building Data


This guide by the U.S. Department of Energy provides step-by-step instructions on how to measure a building’s energy consumption.  It includes information on selecting an energy analyst, collecting building characteristics data, collecting energy data, requesting data from utilities and examining energy data.