How Southeast Michigan Can Lead Obama’s Clean Energy Economy

Image courtesy of Steve Jurvetson via Flickr

In June, President Obama announced his new national Climate Action Plan, which calls on America to lead international efforts to combat a changing climate. In his December 2012 Energy and Environment Address, Governor Snyder spoke about the importance of “energy reliability” and why it’s important that our state has the ability to produce its own Read more…

A Climate Action Plan for Detroit


Many cities and towns throughout the United States and world have created Climate Action Plans to reduce current greenhouse gas emissions contributing to climate change and also take actions that will help the city adapt to the climate changes that are already in the pipeline. This includes the Climate Action Plans that Regional Energy Office Read more…

Civil Rights and Climate Change


[Written on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, 2013] Perhaps the most important civil rights issue facing us today is climate change. It completely changes the foundation that all our other questions, concerns and struggles are built upon. If climate change becomes catastrophic, humanity will not die. But those with power and resources will be the Read more…

Governor Snyder’s energy efficiency comments

Governor Rick Snyder speaking

On November 27, Governor Snyder delivered his Special Message on Energy and the Environment, laying out the policy vision that will guide him through the next several years. True to form, our “Tough Nerd” Governor had a healthy mix of complex issues and policy provisions, but his comments on energy efficiency stood out most as Read more…

Time to tackle your winter heat bills!


Imagine having a football-sized hole in your front door all winter long. You’d spend a fortune on heat, and your house would still be chilly! BetterBuildings for Michigan can help you tackle this problem—and your energy bills. Most Michigan residents spend $300 per year or more on energy that leaks out of their home. For Read more…

Does your house feel haunted? Time for an energy audit.

Photo of a house taken with an infrared camera on a cold day. The bright spots show where heat is escaping from the house.

Chilly drafts? Creaky windows? Flickering lights? Your house isn’t haunted, it just feels that way. Most people don’t realize that small repairs can make a big difference in how comfortable their home feels. If the chilly weather has you reaching for the blankets, it might be time for a home energy audit from BetterBuildings for Michigan. Read more…

A New Standard for Renewable Energy

Solar Installer

The Southeast Michigan Regional Energy Office has endorsed a statewide proposal to strengthen Michigan’s renewable energy standard to 25 percent by 2025. The proposal, now officially designated as Proposal 3, will appear on the statewide ballot on November 6, 2012. What is the Renewable Energy Standard? Michigan’s current renewable energy standard, signed into law in 2008, requires Read more…

Energy savings program reaches 1,000 homes!

Southgate homeowner holds "This Home is Saving Energy" sign

BetterBuildings for Michigan reached 1,000 homes in southeast Michigan this week, helping each home save energy and stay more comfortable inside, even during the hot summer.

City of Ferndale Fully Engaged in Sustainability Planning


Longtime Regional Energy Office Ferndale is fully engaged in planning for a more sustainable, energy efficient future for citizens and the local government. City Manager April McGrath has tasked Joe Gacioch, the City’s Grant Project Coordinator, to roll ahead with creating and implementing an Energy Management Plan for the City. The City is taking advantage Read more…

Energy Office helps correct error in ICLEI tool 2012-5-21 11-23-0

When the Southeast Michigan Regional Energy Office started assisting three member communities to write climate action plans, our first step was to seek out organizations with existing climate planning resources. We joined ICLEI: Local Governments for Sustainability because we knew that they are the worldwide leaders in doing Climate and Sustainablity Planning work with local Read more…