Residential Solar Group Purchasing

(This page is under construction.)

SEMREO will coordinate with our consortium of municipalities to establish a group purchasing program that will reduce costs of solar energy installations for residents in our member communities. If the Regional Energy Office can bundle residents’ purchases of solar systems, suppliers can offer lower prices that will encourage an even faster adoption of clean energy in our region.

Homeowners will receive a bundled package of Michigan-made solar equipment, local installers, and low-cost financing. SEMREO will work with both installers and municipalities to ensure the solar systems are safe, efficient, and meet all local codes and requirements.

Our goal is to take pressure off of municipalities by handling the marketing and communications with suppliers and to ensure that all residents are working with reputable and local manufacturers and installers.

If you would like to get an estimate of how much you could save on your energy bills by installing solar, please type your address into Google’s Project Sunroof by clicking here.

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