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Jennifer Young, Energy Programs Manager (bio)
Sue McAlpine, Energy Programs Manager
Rick Bunch, Southeast Michigan Street Lighting Consortium Director


Jennifer Young
Energy Programs Manager
866.402.1061 x712

As the Energy Office’s program coordinator, Jennifer provides grant administration and project management assistance on energy efficiency and renewable energy projects to local governments throughout Southeast Michigan. In this capacity, she facilitates communication and collaboration among City staff, grant administrators and the Energy Office’s project team.

Since May 2010, she has provided grant administration and project management assistance to over 10 local governments on over 38 municipal energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. These projects range from interior lighting upgrades to solar panel installations.

Jen also coordinated the efforts of six participating communities in a joint bid effort to receive bulk pricing on energy efficient lighting equipment, resulting in the communities saving over $50,000. She also works closely with local governments build a regional endowment to fund energy programs and services accessible to Energy Office member governments, creating a sustainable source of funding for energy programs and services that will benefit member communities for years to come.

Prior to working with the Michigan Suburbs Alliance, Jennifer worked as an independent consultant on energy and environmental projects. Jennifer holds an M.S. in Resource Policy and Behavior from the School of Natural Resources and Environment at the University of Michigan and a B.S. in Biology from Eastern Michigan University. For her master’s thesis, Jennifer conducted a social science research project in the Galápagos Islands to discover the motivations for volunteer participation in a conservation research project in the famous archipelago.

It is Jennifer’s privilege and honor to serve communities in fulfilling their commitment to creating vibrant, sustainable and attractive communities where residents live, work and play.

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