The Michigan Suburbs Alliance

Michigan Suburbs AllianceAt the Suburbs Alliance we foster and support cooperative approaches to the challenges facing Michigan’s metropolitan areas.  We believe our communities’ interdependence is our greatest strength and that collaboration is the best path to increased prosperity, sustainability and equity across a region.  Through innovative initiatives we organize, serve and advocate for a metro’s mature cities in order to help them be vibrant, healthy and beautiful communities – preferred places to live work and play.


The Michigan Municipal League

Michigan Municipal LeagueThe Michigan Municipal League (MML) is a nonprofit membership organization for Michigan’s municipalities. MML aids them in creating desirable and unique places through legislative and judicial advocacy, providing educational opportunities for elected and appointed officials and assisting leaders in administering community services.


WARM Training Center

WARM Training CenterWARM Training Center promotes sustainable, affordable communities. It is a nonprofit energy and green building demonstration center for southeast Michigan. WARM serves residents through classes and consulting on energy efficiency, green building and basic home repair. WARM provides training and technical assistance to organizations and builders on creating greener buildings, better energy performance and community development. This technical assistance has included providing energy and sustainability audits for commercial buildings, residential development and single houses. WARM also provides consulting to local governments on creating and enacting sustainability and energy improvement measures. It believes that green is for everyone.


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