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MPSC Rate Case Victory!

Local LED streetlights

Image Source – Local LED streetlights

On Tuesday, January 31st 2017, SEMREO’s Michigan Street Lighting Coalition (MSLC) won a long-fought battle on DTE Electric rate case U-18014 that increased the savings gained from LED streetlights compared to older lighting technologies.

Below is an example of the savings an “average” municipality with 1,000 DTE-owned streetlights can gain due to MSLC’s advocacy in this rate case:

  • Prior to rate case U-17767 that DTE filed in December of 2014, this hypothetical city could have saved about $69,000 (24%) per year by converting all streetlights to LEDs.
  • The rates that DTE originally proposed in U-17767 would have narrowed those potential savings to $45,000 (16% savings) per year. This level of savings would have been insufficient to justify the upfront expense of converting many older streetlights to LED.
  • The rates the Michigan Public Service Commission recently approved would save our hypothetical municipality almost $84,000 (27%) per year with 100% LED conversion. This figure is $39,000 more than the city’s maximum LED savings under DTE’s originally proposed rates and even significantly higher than the $69,000 per year the city could have saved before these rate cases were filed.

By working together, MSLC’s members preserved the business case for converting to LED streetlights. Cities around the region can proceed with LED streetlight conversion, realizing substantial savings while receiving higher-quality lighting, public safety benefits, and reduced environmental impacts.

SEMREO has now formed the Michigan Municipal Association for Utility Issues (MI-MAUI) in place of MSLC to collaboratively advocate for municipal energy savings. Please visit the MAUI page by clicking on the hyperlink to learn more about the Association and how to join.