City & County Programs

The Southeast Michigan Regional Energy Office provides a variety of services to help cities and counties reduce their energy costs. All the programs listed below are available to member cities, and some programs are also available on a fee for service basis.

For more information, contact Sam Offen at 866.402.1061 x709

Energy Management Planning

This process creates an inventory of current energy programs, allowing a local government to track its progress over time.

Grant Seeking and administration

The Energy Office procures and administers grants to help member communities fund their energy projects.

Endowment and revolving loan fund

After completing projects, member communities contribute a portion of the money saved toward funding for future projects.

Technical assistance

The Energy Office team helps communities with every project, from planning to implementation.

Education and outreach

Our knowledgeable and engaging staff are available to get city staff or community members involved in energy savings.

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