Municipal Adoption of Home Solar

Municipalities in Southeast Michigan can now help their homes and businesses install solar PV by endorsing SEMREO’s cost-effective, high-quality solar installation and financing package. Homeowners interested in solar energy may hesitate because of the need to choose among numerous installers and fast-changing technologies, concerns about reliability of equipment and projected savings, and limited understanding of building codes and other regulations.

SEMREO has assembled a low-cost, turnkey solar photovoltaic (PV) package that includes local providers and installers with optional financing, available exclusively to residents within its member municipalities. By supporting this program, municipalities can increase homeowners’ confidence and reduce their installation costs while supporting local businesses.

Municipal Sponsorship of Solar PV

Southeast Michigan municipalities that promote clean, renewable energy are attractive to residents and businesses who want a community that invests in its future. Guiding property owners toward high quality, reliable providers and technology will have a multiplier effect, as satisfied customers influence their friends and neighbors to follow suit. On an administrative level, municipalities can better support property owners during permitting and other processes if equipment and installation come from trusted, familiar providers.

Streamlining Soft Costs

By addressing solar soft costs, municipalities can receive the following benefits, according to SolSmart:

  • Increase ROI for solar customers
  • Save themselves time and money by eliminating red tape and making approval processes more efficient
  • Improve business for solar companies

Key Features

  • Lower costs: SEMREO reduces equipment and installation costs for homeowners by purchasing and contracting in bulk.
  • Buy Michigan: Equipment for the program is provided by McNaughton-McKay Electric (Madison Heights) and installations are performed by Michigan Solar Solutions (Commerce Township), both of which hire and train local labor.
  • Convenience: Homeowners can rely on SEMREO’s vetting and management of providers, rather than evaluating everything by themselves.
  • Quality and compliance: Michigan Solar Solutions is one of the largest, most experienced local installers and is thoroughly versed in code requirements.
  • Trusted voice: SEMREO represents the interests of its municipal members.


If you are a municipality interested in helping your residents install solar PV, please email SEMREO at

If you are a homeowner interested in a turnkey solar PV package for your home, please click the button below and fill out the form – a SEMREO representative will be in touch with you shortly. (Here is the link to the form if the button does not work.)

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