Two Cities go LED

Pedestrians and drivers on John R. Road in Hazel Park may notice new fixtures on street lights thanks to energy-saving LED lights the City has installed. These new LED street lights are more efficient than the previous lights, helping the city save energy and money while improving the aesthetics of the downtown area. The project is estimated to save $10,000 on the City’s electricity bill each year.

The project involved replacing 305-watt metal halide street lights with 60-watt LED lights on 74 streetlights along John R. Road between the Interstate 75 service drive and Woodward Heights. The new LEDs are estimated to use 94,276 kWh or 60 metric tons of carbon dioxide less than the existing lights each year. The resulting reduction in greenhouse gas emissions is equivalent to taking 12 cars off the road. To read more, click here. To learn about another LED street light project conducted by REO member, the City of Lincoln Park, click here.

Visitors to the City of Roseville City Hall, the Library and several other city buildings may notice new lighting fixtures on municipal buildings. These new lights are highly efficient, saving the city energy and money. Summer of 2012 Roseville replaced 180 High Intensity Discharge (HID) lights with high-efficiency LED lights. They were installed throughout the City, including City Hall, Fire Department Headquarters, Library, parking lots, Police and Court, DPW/Water Department, Parks and Recreation, and several others.

“The challenges of energy and sustainability do not adhere to municipal boundaries,” says Jennifer Young, energy programs coordinator for the Southeast Michigan Regional Energy Office. “By making municipal buildings more affordable and energy efficient, Roseville is setting an example for local governments across the region in modeling energy efficient policies and practices.”

Roseville City Manager Scott Adkins says the upgrades are important for “helping us change the way we treat our environment,” and also have a direct connection to finances. “Every energy efficient action we take translates into a dollar saved.”