How Local Governments Can Use Competitions to Reduce Energy Use

gauges on a power meter

On December 6, 2012, from 3-4:30 pm EST, EPA’s Local Climate and Energy Program will hold a webcast describing how local governments can plan and run an energy efficiency competition to encourage energy reductions in their communities. Experts from EPA’s ENERGY STAR program will discuss the benefits of a competition, the basic steps involved, common barriers and possible solutions, and free resources to help local governments put together their own competition.

Participants will also hear speakers from Cary, North Carolina, talk about their efforts to reduce energy use across their fire stations, along with a sneak peek at Cary’s upcoming Fire Chief’s Challenge for fire stations nationwide.

To sign up for the webcast, please visit the webcast registration page. The presentations and audio will be archived for later viewing on the State and Local Climate and Energy Program’s Webcasts and Podcasts page.