Energy Management Planning

An energy management plan (EMP) helps local governments identify and implement energy and cost savings opportunities in a systematic and comprehensive way. All member communities are eligible to have a custom energy management planning framework created for them, which tracks progress toward their energy savings goals and helps them evaluate future capital investments.

Our energy management planning framework exemplifies our commitment to helping cities save energy and making information accessible. It empowers cities to use the information that they have to make better decisions for their community.

The EMP framework uses a methodical approach to benchmark each municipality’s progress and identify the next steps toward implementing an aggressive, comprehensive energy strategy. The framework is divided into three main sections:

  • Assessing performance and opportunities: Inventory existing energy projects and identify targets for future energy use reduction.
  • Improving energy use: Systematically pursue energy efficiency and renewable energy projects and monitor their performance after implementation.
  • Energy integration: Identify organizational structures and funding opportunities that will support the framework.


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