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When it comes to a solar-powered future, SEMREO is at the forefront:

  • Supporters of solar energy: We provide municipalities the tools they need not just to make energy choices but to make solar their major source of energy.
  • Promoting energy efficiency as solar advocacy: By working together in strategic alliances, we are not only easing the transition to more solar-friendly methods of operation but also laying the groundwork for solar power to become the dominant energy source in the future.
  • Future-oriented innovation with solar energy at the center: We are dedicated to promoting innovation for more than simply environmental reasons.
  • Strong advocacy for solar power: We actively participate in, support, and campaign for energy policies that not only recognize the importance of solar power but also seek to expand its use.
  • Focused on Increasing Solar Energy Adoption and Awareness: We invest significant time and energy into developing and implementing energy efficiency programs.

“Other metro regions are now scrambling to try to set up the kind of collaborative effort that we’ve been developing for years. Michigan can lead this innovation.”
– Jacob Stevens Corvidae, WARM Training Center


SEMREO is leading the charge toward a solar-powered future, with the goal of making Southeast Michigan a national model by the year 2050. We don’t simply imagine a future with renewable energy sources; we imagine a world where:

  • Cities are not only cooperating but also taking the initiative in their communities by harnessing solar energy and setting an example for the rest of the state and regions throughout the country.
  • Our mission is to promote economic, environmental, and social sustainability using solar power as the catalyst for change.
  • By making Southeast Michigan a solar energy powerhouse, we intend to attract and keep people and companies, establishing a new standard in energy innovation.
  • As a company, we want to set an example in terms of sustainable energy practices and policies, with solar power serving as the foundation of this effort.


  • A 5-10% reduction in per capita energy use by 2015 compared to 2008
  • Reducing the number of miles (and hours) we spend traveling in cars
  • Meeting the State of Michigan’s renewable portfolio standard of 10% by 2015
  • Realizing and quantifying cost savings through efficiency and aggregation
  • Membership of 35% of the region’s population by year five


  • Interdependence: Recognizing that a diversity of constituents share a common stake in the future of our region and the importance of each community’s participation in shaping that shared future.
  • Collaboration: Giving our cities the ability to collectively create change and recognizing that together we’re more effective. Cities can, through combined effort, more effectively create change.
  • Accessibility: Fair and just access to energy resources.
  • Accountability: Through the local governments we serve, we are accountable to the citizenry of southeast Michigan. We operate in an open and transparent manner.
  • Integrity: Leading by example.
  • Sustainability: Triple bottom line: Economy, environment and society.


  • Technical assistance
  • Expanded intergovernmental cooperation
  • Energy conservation project implementation
  • Education and training
  • Grant administraton and writing
  • Policy development and advocacy