Funding Municipal Energy Projects

Solar panels on a parking structure in Dearborn, MI

Image Source – Solar panels on a parking structure in Dearborn, MI

The Southeast Michigan Regional Energy Office recently collaborated with the Michigan Community Energy Partnership (including EcoWorks Detroit, SEEDS, and Michigan Energy Options) to conduct an Energy Management and Capital Improvement Planning workshop for regional municipal leaders among other officials.

The workshop included presentations about Capital Improvement Plans, incorporating energy projects into Master Plans, Ann Arbor’s Climate Action Plan (CAP), Dearborn’s recent solar projects, public purpose microgrids, Michigan Saves energy efficiency financing, and financial decision-making for energy projects.

Please click here to view SEMREO’s presentation about potential financial methods and proper decision-making for energy projects.

The workshop successfully taught participants how to approach proposing energy projects in CIPs, look for alternative financing from 3rd party sources, and get help with municipal renewable energy and energy efficiency projects from the Michigan Community Energy Partnership.