SEMREO Alum Appointed Sustainability Director

An urban farm in Detroit

SEMREO would like to congratulate Joel Howrani Heeres, our former Managing Director, on his appointment as the Director of Sustainability for the City of Detroit! He is the first to have ever been appointed to this role in the newly established Sustainability Office and will work to strengthen Detroit’s economic, social, and environmental well-being. If Read more…

Networking the Region’s Energy Leaders

REO Meeting

Communities that have a solid strategic approach to energy management take more meaningful and lasting steps toward reducing their energy use and reliance on fossil fuels. Institutionalizing attention to energy issues through the development of sustainability departments and public engagement bodies can help communities focus on cutting edge policies for achieving their goals. The Southeast Read more…

Solar Powering Your Community


How can your community take advantage of all the benefits of solar energy? Join us on January 23 for a half-day workshop to find out.

Bright Lights, Bright Futures

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HOW LED STREET LIGHTS CAN BRIGHTEN SOUTHEAST MICHIGAN COMMUNITIES If metro Detroit converted 50,000 street lights to LED technology, what kind of impact would that make? Cities and taxpayers alike would benefit from the cost savings, and our region would move one more step from rust belt to green belt. On Wednesday, November 13th, city staff Read more…

How Southeast Michigan Can Lead Obama’s Clean Energy Economy

Image courtesy of Steve Jurvetson via Flickr

In June 2013, President Obama announced his national Climate Action Plan, which calls on America to lead international efforts to combat a changing climate. In his December 2012 Energy and Environment Address, Governor Snyder spoke about the importance of “energy reliability” and why it’s important that our state has the ability to produce its own Read more…

Energy Efficiency and Bond Ratings: An Interview with Tony Lehmann


The Regional Energy Office provides innovative financing solutions for cities to conduct energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. These projects are designed to save cities money on their energy bills every year, but we recently discovered that these investments were helping cities in other ways as well—energy investments can actually improve a city’s bond rating. Read more…

A Climate Action Plan for Detroit


Many cities and towns throughout the United States and world have created Climate Action Plans to reduce current greenhouse gas emissions contributing to climate change and also take actions that will help the city adapt to the climate changes that are already in the pipeline. This includes the Climate Action Plans that Regional Energy Office Read more…

Two Cities go LED

Hazel Park LED Streetlights 2

Pedestrians and drivers on John R. Road in Hazel Park may notice new fixtures on street lights thanks to energy-saving LED lights the City has installed. These new LED street lights are more efficient than the previous lights, helping the city save energy and money while improving the aesthetics of the downtown area. The project Read more…