Governor Snyder’s energy efficiency comments

Governor Rick Snyder speaking

On November 27, Governor Snyder delivered his Special Message on Energy and the Environment, laying out the policy vision that will guide him through the next several years. True to form, our “Tough Nerd” Governor had a healthy mix of complex issues and policy provisions, but his comments on energy efficiency stood out most as Read more…

Hazel Park Lights Up John R Road with LEDs

Pedestrians and drivers on John R. Road in Hazel Park may notice new fixtures on street lights thanks to new energy-saving lights the City has installed. These new LED street lights are more efficient than the previous lights, helping the City save energy and money while improving the aesthetics of the downtown area. The project Read more…

Energy savings program reaches 1,000 homes!

Southgate homeowner holds "This Home is Saving Energy" sign

BetterBuildings for Michigan reached 1,000 homes in southeast Michigan this week, helping each home save energy and stay more comfortable inside, even during the hot summer.

Sterling Heights homeowners save 60% on new furnace and A/C

When Fran Pitlock saw an article in the paper about BetterBuildings for Michigan, it sounded like a good idea. She and her husband Bob have lived in the same home for 25 years and even though it is in good shape, she wanted to find out what the program had to offer.

Madison Heights upgrades 10 buildings; saves $66,000 per year!

Madison Heights sign

Thanks to a host of new energy saving projects, the City of Madison Heights anticipates saving over $66,000 annually on its electric and heating bills. Like many Energy Office member communities, the City chose to invest in energy efficiency, helping save money for years to come